Teaching Format

This program has been created by the University of Geneva and the Swiss Trading and Shipping Association (STSA). STSA represents some of the most important trading companies in the world. The lectures will be given by well known professors and experts in the trading field.


The Diploma consists of 11 modules of 24 hours each and 1 module Trading Game of 24 hours.


This program is offered in 2 formats:


  • Bi-weekly Format for professionals living in Switzerland and around:

Courses take place twice every month on Friday afternoon (2pm - 9pm) and Saturday morning (8am - 1pm) and sometimes 3 days in a row on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

  •  Block Format for the international audience:

The University of Geneva now offers a new format consisting of 4 blocks of 2 modules taking place in Geneva over 6 days combined with 4 online modules. More information will be available soon.

Each module is subject to an evaluation and class attendance is mandatory. For each training hour, 2 hours of reading, preparation, case studies and homework are required. Both formats are delivered in English.

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