Natural Resources Economy & Agri Commodities

Part I
Natural Resource Economics and Agricultural commodities (SDF)

  • The role of natural resources on economic development
  • Nonrenewable resources model
  • Corruption and institutional issues
  • Climate change and Agriculture
  • Risk management in agriculture: the stochastic production function approach
  • Social implication of price volatility of agricultural commodities


Part II
Agri-commodities market: Grains and oilseeds, and softs such as coffee, sugar, cotton, cocoa (EK)

  • What are the products, supplies? 
  • How do they differ: quantity by country, qualities, refining process?
  • How agri-commodities are treated/processed, transported (barge, rail, truck, vessel)?
  • Superintendence

Agricultural products for energy - linkage between agricultural commodities and the energy businesses


Professor Salvatore Di Falco, University of Geneva (Part I); Dr. Eugene Kunda (Part II)


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